Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator, Volumetric type, Model MKV-710S, with standard accessories
* Single burette/Standard type
- Measuring range : 0.1 to 500mg H2O/ 10 ppm to 100% H2O
- Burette precision: 10mL burette, +/-0.015mL (Repeatability at +/-0.005mL)
- End-point detection: By polarized potential level detected by a twin platinum electrode
- Titration form: Normal titration/Back titration
- Required solvent: 30 to 100 mL (S-type titration vessel)
- Method: 120
- Key operation: Touch panel
- Display: 8.4'' color LCD, 800 x 600 dots
- Display language: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
- Data storage: 500 samples
- External input/output: RS-232C x 4, USB x 1, SS-Bus (for APB unit)
- Power supply: AC 100 to 240V, 50/70Hz
- Dimensions: Touch panel controller (225W x 190D x 42H mm), Titration unit (141W x 292D x 367H mm),
Stirrer (107W x 206D x 322H mm), Solvent change unit (240W x 140D x 400H mm) + Printer