Flammable Safety Cabinet

All SafetyStar® series Flammables Safety Cabinets are FM Approved and comply with NFPA and OSHA regulations. FM Approval is a symbol of quality excellence, a guarantee over fire prevention, work safety and environmental protection. MORE COLORS, MORE SATISFACTION For Fire Prevention, Work Safety, Environmental Protection. Reduces Your Industrial Safety Risks Once and for All. Provides…
To prevent exterior flame to enter the cabinet body and to prevent flame flees out from the safety cabinet.
Dual vents with flame arrester placed on both sides of the cabinets. STEEL PIANO HINGE
1.2mm steel continuous piano hinge provides smooth closure, reliable and durable use. DOOR CORNERS Rounded corners avoid potential hand injury.
Non-sparking, 3-point linked latching device provides better security. PADDLE HANDLE LATCH
Eliminates projecting obstacles. Easy open and close. LEAK-TIGHT SUMP
2 inch deep leak-tight containment sump for accidental drips and spills. LEVELERS
4 full steel adjustable levelers installed in base for stability. GROUND WIRE
Able to guide static electricity to the ground, avoiding explosion caused by sparks.
Vent-Filtration Box
Vent-Filtration® Box allows you to filter out chemical vapors inside of a safety cabinet and returns clean air back to the workplace via a unique standalone system. Built-in an excellent energy efficiency brushless DC blower and widely used filters for most of solvents and chemical. It serves as an air purification system for most of chemical safety cabinet on the market. Effectively reduce the concentration of chemical solvent vapors inside the cabinet and provide the best protection for laboratory personnel. APPLICATIONS:
Flexible cabinet ventilation for storage of:
• Flammable chemicals
• Paints, ink
• Corrosive chemicals
• Pesticides
• Toxic materials
• Capture toxic vapors, odors and smells generated by chemicals stored in a safety or chemical cabinet.
• Protection of chemical inhalation risks.
• Simple and fast installation.
• No exhaust ductwork needed.
• Fits to most of available flammables safety cabinets on the market.
• Extra-low energy consumption of 20 watts.